KAPPA Ceiling

Γραμμικό φωτιστικό μεγάλης ισχύος με COB LED 9W, 1400Lm. Παράγεται σε οροφής, κρεμαστό, χωνευτό, χωνευτό trimless και σε πολλούς χρωματισμούς και πατίνες housing.

• Available from 16cm to 450cm
• COB LED 9W, 1400Lm each with individual reflectors
• Available individual reflectors 24°, 38°
• CRi 80 and optionally 90
• CCT 3000K and 4000K. Optionally 2700K and 6500K
• On-off or dimmable version (Dali, 0-10V, Push Button and Bluetooth)
• Coming in white, black and gray powder coated and in special decor Old Steel and
Old Copper.
• 5years warranty
• L80 B50 @50.000h (Ta 24°)
• Color consistency <3SDCM