Architectural lighting design

The lighting company KOSTIS CONCEPT LIGHTING provides a lighting design service.
Architectural lighting study is about the concept, study and development of an image showing a room/space without the natural light.
The objective of the study is the distribution of light and luminaires within space and control electric lighting with precision.
Architectural lighting design highlights architectural objects and the environment as a whole. Proper lighting improves the experience of a space, furthering the ability to see clearly what surrounds us. Aesthetic appeal […]

Nice n Easy in Mykonos

Late in May 2015, we were commissioned by the “Pentestudio” Architectural Office to manufacture the lighting fixtures designed for the award-winning restaurant “nice n easy” in Mykonos. These special works were difficult enough to construct, as the luminaires combined 2 materials (wood and metal) and had to highlight the primary concept of a boat, since the restaurant is literally located by the sea. The capital idea was to avoid typical hanging lights and chandeliers […]