Rattan pendant lights

Summer in Greece is “being outside all the time”. Given the weather and sunshine in our country, it is ideal for getting out of the house and enjoying our verandas, courtyards and holiday homes.
Our new wicker/rattan collection “ALBA” is perfect for decoration and lighting up all those spaces. The wicker lamps and pendant lights are crafted from a natural rattan weave or an organic fibre which has a steel wire body frame, for added robustness and high resistance to wind […]

Church chandeliers

This year, our company celebrates 50 years in the lighting manufacturing business in Greece! We keep working on quality greek lighting products despite the difficulties we all face. In addition to the residential and professional lighting, we design and manufacture church chandeliers, showing great respect for the artistry and tradition of orthodoxy. Furthermore, our country has strong religious characteristics, and thousands of churches are spread across the country. From the smaller chapel, to the great metropolitan cathedrals, church chandeliers are […]

Nice n Easy in Mykonos

Late in May 2015, we were commissioned by the “Pentestudio” Architectural Office to manufacture the lighting fixtures designed for the award-winning restaurant “nice n easy” in Mykonos. These special works were difficult enough to construct, as the luminaires combined 2 materials (wood and metal) and had to highlight the primary concept of a boat, since the restaurant is literally located by the sea. The capital idea was to avoid typical hanging lights and chandeliers […]