#XENIA 2017 – Participation KOSTIS LIGHTING

Made in Greece-Never Out of Stock

Our company has successfully participated in the XENIA exhibition 2017. It is about the exhibition-institution of the greek hotel industry that launched its new dynamic meetings on 25-27 November 2017. Professionals of the relevant field, hotel companies, accommodation owners, architects, decorators and engineers visited our exhibition stand.

Our new handmade lighting designs were the most inspiring pieces. We made use of fresh and natural materials such as velvet, wood, matte, rattan and marble combined with the use of brass and aluminum; all of which are the raw material of Kostis Lighting for 50 years in manufacturing lighting and metal furniture.
Professionals were impressed by the ability of our company to respond with speed and flexibility so as to meet the needs of tourism professionals with large or smaller size special structures. Our expertise to modify existing designs and plans cover the needs of each customer.