Reliable solution for HO.RE.CA professionals

Kostis Lighting Company with 50 years of experience in lighting design and manufacture, provides reliable and quality solutions for HO.RE.CA industry professionals. We are among the few companies that have remained in Greece, maintaining a production unit that manufactures lighting fixtures. Our company creates special applications that serve professionals in tourism, dining and entertainment.

In this context, Kostis Lighting collaborates with architects and decorators to offer high quality customized constructions of excellent result and aesthetics. We greatly value architectural lighting and special lighting fixtures, and we’ve always been an ally and partner in the implementation of each one of HO.RE.CA’s projects. Furthermore, we give professionals the chance to design their own lighting inspiration project ideas, staying away from ordinary standardized mass products. Visit both of Kostis Lighting showrooms and find innumerable choices in luminaires of classical, modern, exterior, greek construction or import products.

Contact us to discuss the prospect of working together on design solutions that will truly meet your every need!