Rattan pendant lights

Summer in Greece is “being outside all the time”. Given the weather and sunshine in our country, it is ideal for getting out of the house and enjoying our verandas, courtyards and holiday homes.

Our new wicker/rattan collection “ALBA” is perfect for decoration and lighting up all those spaces. The wicker lamps and pendant lights are crafted from a natural rattan weave or an organic fibre which has a steel wire body frame, for added robustness and high resistance to wind loads.

For professionals of the HO.RE.CA sector, rattan lighting is already a popular choice across greek islands and beach resorts since they are economical, and not altered by the sun or the seasalt. Also, they are light weight designed so they can be hung to wooden pergolas, or other light weight constructions we find in seaside restaurants, bars, Coffee Shops and hotels. They are manufactured in Greece from quality raw materials and in various shapes and sizes.

In brief, the rattan wicker is made from dried leafy soft shoots, i.e. straw or papyrus. It is a perennial hydrophilic plant, which has been used for centuries for a range of purposes (floors, chairs, etc.) as it is very durable.

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