Nice n Easy in Mykonos

Late in May 2015, we were commissioned by the “Pentestudio” Architectural Office to manufacture the lighting fixtures designed for the award-winning restaurant “nice n easy” in Mykonos. These special works were difficult enough to construct, as the luminaires combined 2 materials (wood and metal) and had to highlight the primary concept of a boat, since the restaurant is literally located by the sea. The capital idea was to avoid typical hanging lights and chandeliers that traditionally light up most restaurants.

A tight timescale made the whole project even more difficult. Bronze -a weather resistant material- was used extensively as it stands up to seawater. This complicated construction, which is also the frame body of the light-boat, was welded in hand by the experienced team of our factory.

Wood slats of marine plywood in a shape similar to a ship’s hull have been screwed meticulously underneath the fixture. These slats -placed in the stern of the light-boat- extend to the back of the construction, creating a sense of movement, like the wake patterns of a boat. A low-consumption and long-life E27 lamp was used for the luminaire. The final aesthetic and lighting result, placed in this particular restaurant in Mykonos, has been significant for both the architectural team and the owners.