Architectural lighting design

The lighting company KOSTIS CONCEPT LIGHTING provides a lighting design service.

Architectural lighting study is about the concept, study and development of an image showing a room/space without the natural light.

The objective of the study is the distribution of light and luminaires within space and control electric lighting with precision.

Architectural lighting design highlights architectural objects and the environment as a whole. Proper lighting improves the experience of a space, furthering the ability to see clearly what surrounds us. Aesthetic appeal of a space is upgraded by improving architecture. The architectural lighting design study shows how to determine the right number of lighting fixtures and place them in space. Account is also taken of total purchase and maintenance costs.

Our lighting expert designers, using state-of-the-art photometric software, remain at our customers’ disposal to work for a lighting proposal that will highlight the architecture of space and, at the same time, will extend the experience of the users of the indoor or outdoor space.

We develop all aspects of a lighting design study with a wide collection of our own manufactured pieces, as well as import products from lighting companies from abroad, but we’re also using custom made luminaires based on your special needs.